Fishing Clash: Catching Fish Game. Bass Hunting 3D v1.0.176 (Mod โ€“ Auto fishing)

Let’s duel for the biggest fish in one of the most exciting pvp fishing games!

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Fishing Clash Mod APK Game is a game of skill where you play as a fisherman who has one goal: to catch the biggest fish in the lake. This 3D fishing game pits you against users from all over the world, including expert fishermen who will try to beat you in every event they can.

This adventure begins with a short tutorial that teaches you how to fish. In Fishing Clash, your character casts the line automatically, so all you have to do is control the force used to reel it in. At the top of the screen, youโ€™ll see a bar and the exact location where you should drag your finger. If youโ€™re unable to reel it in fast enough, youโ€™ll lose the fish.

Once you have the mechanics under control, you can embark on an adventure where you compete in global tournaments against other players from all around the world. Every time you catch a fish, you can see its color, size, shape, and movement, all of which are rendered in realistic 3D graphics in Fishing Clash Mod APK

In order to improve your fishing, youโ€™ll need to improve your tools. Do what you can to get the best rod, hooks, and other tools to fish with more speed and precision. Donโ€™t miss a single fish and youโ€™ll be the worldโ€™s best fisherman before long.


Yeah, yeah โ€“ it’s us again. We hope you’re doing well and staying in great shape, ’cause we definitely are. It has partly to do with keeping ourselves busy providing you with the best possible game stability. Oh, we’re still exterminating those annoying game bugs, too. Bye for now.

Fishing Clash MOD APK Info:

The fish never comes off the hook; (line never break)
Combo x100.
Auto fishing

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